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Bringing positive emotions, Thai massage has no equal. First of all because it is a whole philosophy. The Thai system of healing massage treats as methane, meaning the southern Buddhism, as a voluntary offering of the kind, bestowing healing.

In the process of relaxation and detachment from the rapid pace of life, finding harmony with oneself and the world in our spa you will see, how the Thai system of healing works with its famous credo "May bpem rai" (there are no problems, do not worry).




Watch your body, if you want your mind to work properly.
You can meet Thai system of healing without going to Thailand and unique Thai mentality.
We tried to create an atmosphere of comfort, warmth and friendliness east.
The interior in Siam Thai Spa was delicately imbued with elements of modern style of Thai designers.


Спа услуги в салоне Siam Thai SPA


Fine elegant details, attributes of East reflects not only prestige, but the main strategy of our spa- harmony should be everywhere.
One of the most important features aree subdued light, relaxing music, flickering candles, incense, tea ceremony.  
We hope, that you got short information about us and we convinced you to organize your life usefully.

SPA в салоне тайского массажа Siam Thai SPA

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