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Slim Massage

Slim Massage


Anti-cellulite creams and gels do not help. You need to remember this as a mathematical axiom and not try to get the desired effect from these tools. To get rid of fat deposits and cellulite, you need to regularly expose your body to moderate physical activity and monitor food. Loads provide the best efficiency in combination with slim-massage.

Manual Thai anti-cellulite massage helps actively combat problem areas on the hips and other parts of the legs, abdomen, buttocks and eliminates edema.

What is the use of slim massage?

With this procedure, the figure and individual parts, subject to fat accumulation, are corrected. These sites are arranged in order, and the body itself undergoes excellent changes:

   weight decreases;

   excess fatty deposits begin to disappear

   fat metabolism is normalised;

   cellulite is eliminated;

   toxins are released;

   the walls of the vessels are strengthened;

   the skin becomes more elastic and smooth;

   the production of collagen is improved, and therefore the skin is moisturised

   decreased swelling

All this contributes to a cardinal change in appearance and prevention of the accumulation of fats in the future.

What is the secret of slim massage? It's all about a unique approach, and a special cream rubbed into the skin during the procedure. The masseur carefully and with effort studies each site of a body, intensively rubbing in it a curative cream. This type of massage, unlike stone therapy, does not relax, but instead activates, since it is very similar to a good and exhausting workout.

After the procedure, there will be no pain, and the next morning you will feel muscle fatigue. You need at least 2-3 such visits, and the desired effect will become noticeable, and the body will fully adapt and get used to the load.

Description of the procedure and preparation for it

During professional slim-massage, the guest of the salon lies on the massage couch, and the specialist actively rubs the cream into problem areas, accelerating the fingers of the hypodermic fat and improving blood circulation. Cream for therapy has a unique composition, which includes natural oils and extracts of medicinal plants. It is ecological and safe for health.

It is recommended to visit the infrared sauna, which will warm up the body to increase the effect.

Anti-cellulite massage in the Siam Thai Spa

In our spa, professional masseurs from Thailand will work with you. They perfectly know the technique of corrective therapy and during the procedure will bring you a lot of pleasure and a noticeable effect after the first visit.

Our advantages:

   the professionalism of employees;

   preparation of an individual program for each client;

   quality and natural slim cream;

   comfortable and disposable rooms and the environment;

   availability of unique clothes and disposable underwear.

The experience of specialists of the Siam Thai Spa salon has already been appreciated by famous TV presenters, stage stars, actors - join them and start working on your body now!

1 hour –1379uah

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