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Anti-Stress Massage

Anti-Stress Massage

Thai anti-stress massage can help cope with the extreme loads of everyday things. In the modern world, it is difficult to find a person who does not feel the consequences of the overload, tension and work, which requires a lot of effort and time. We are in a constant race, forgetting that overload is very dangerous for our body. Fatigue, both physical and moral, is harmful and can lead to various diseases, stress and depression. Chronic lack of sleep leads to irritability, and a passive lifestyle disrupts the functionality of the musculoskeletal system.

Relax in Thai style

After any loads to restore the form, anti-stress massage of the body is recommended. In practice, it is checked that any fatigue goes away after this procedure. During the massage, particular attention is paid to the head, neck, shoulders, hands, upper back. It is in these parts of the body are biologically active points that relieve painful muscle tension and improve the production of the hormone of happiness, improve cerebral circulation.

As a result, the entire muscular functional of the human body is completely restored, with initial state and endurance.

Thai massage eliminates:


   problems with blood circulation;

   frequent headaches;

   various ailments associated with poor saturation of organs and cells with oxygen.

If you dream of a relaxing massage, please contact our Siam Thai Spa. The best Thai masters will find a unique approach to everyone. A variety of spa treatments will help you achieve peace and harmony. If you have any health problems, you should consult your doctor, and before the session, be sure to report the issue to the master. The technique of massage will vary depending on your disease. And a relaxing massage is a necessity for the professional athletes after training sessions.

Get the best sensation in our salon.

Everyone has the opportunity to order a massage on our official website. Thai massage has no equal! It is a burst of positive emotions, energy, strength. Our qualified masters do their best to make you relax from the rapid rhythm of life and get as much pleasure as possible. Follow the procedure of anti-stress massage - gain harmony in everything.

30 min – 569 uah
1 hour –809 uah

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