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Aroma Massage with Sesame Oil

Aroma Massage with Sesame Oil

Based on the traditional system of Indian medicine, this gentle massage is performed using warm sesame oil and helps to cleanse the body of toxins. It also affects the energy centres of the body and enhances brain activity. The massage technique creates a broad sense of peace and has a harmonising effect on the skin and body.

Impact of the massage

Oil is light therefore it does not clog pores, it is suitable for daily skin care of all types and is hypoallergenic.

It heals, regenerates, moisturises, nourishes and smoothes the skin, eliminates peeling and irritation, protects from wilting and reduces wrinkles, normalises sebum, narrows the pores and removes irritation, inflammation and spots, including post-acne.

The oil absorbs ultraviolet rays from the sun (UV filter). Precisely this characteristic makes sesame oil an adequate remedy for sun protection.

Promotes the restoration of local skin immunity, helps with reduced skin characteristics associated with ageing, with the imbalance of skin glands.

Has anti-inflammatory effect, which makes it useful for certain skin diseases.

Do you remember the tale of Ali Baba and the forty robbers? "Sim-sim open!" - this winged expression from the eastern fairy tale is most directly related to the aroma-massage with sesame oil. And not only because this procedure will open a world of beauty and health. Sesame is called sesame, and this is the distorted Arabic "simsim"!

Healing Effect of Sesame

For genuinely magical, healing properties, sesame oil is recognised as one of the different oils in Ayurveda. It is indispensable in the treatment of pain in the joints, arthritis, rheumatism. Oil massage with sesame oil improves blood circulation, helps to eliminate dry skin and prevent signs of ageing. This procedure enhances brain activity and stimulates the energy centres of the body. Bunches and muscles become elastic, the composition of the blood improves, the blood vessels strengthen. One of the primary results of oil massage sesame oil is cleansing the body of toxins. And one more pleasant bonus in a sequence of useful properties of sesame oil is considered its ability to prevent sunburn - after all, it is a natural ultraviolet filter. In addition to those, sesame oil helps to eliminate skin irritations, including allergic and has wound-healing properties.

Massage of the back, shoulders and head with the sesame oil will increase the tone of the muscles and the whole body, strengthen and stabilise the nervous system, give a sense of peace, soften and make the skin smoother, increase the body's endurance and add energy, plus a beneficial effect on sleep. In the cold season, sesame oil massage will serve as an excellent prevention of colds.

If you want to enjoy one of the nicest rejuvenating and revitalising procedures, come to the Siam Tai Spa. And discover aromatherapy on sesame oil, which will become a real treasure for your body, enriching it with new powers and beauty!


1 hour - 1109 uah

Founded on the traditional indian healing system, this soft massage is performed with warm sesame oil and helps to clean the body from toxins. Moreover, it improves brain activity. This massage is going to provide you with feeling of pacification and benefit your skin and body altogether.

1 hour - 1109 uah

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