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Eco Massage on Shea Butter

Eco Massage on Shea Butter

The primary task of the Thai oil-massage is to restore the person's physical and spiritual balance, to help the stressed body. Unlike traditional techniques of Thai manual therapy, a massage based on natural oils does not include all sorts of twists and strains. The movements of the masseur’s hands are always gentle and smooth, immersing in the sweet drowsiness of complete relaxation.

All Thai massage techniques are aimed primarily at relaxing the person, harmonising his thoughts and improving his mood. But perhaps no other ritual gives such a lasting effect as eco-massage with shea butter with cinnamon and orange. Aromatic oils not only create a fantastic atmosphere during the session but also contribute to a more thorough and gentle study of all muscle groups.

Features of massage techniques

With the help of aroma-oil, the whole body is massaged from the tips of the toes to the top of the head. The creamy texture of oil with a spicy aroma is gently rubbed into the skin, which helps to efficiently soften, nourish and rejuvenate it, relax the whole body and nervous system of the client.

The client should not worry that the oil will spoil the clothes after the session is over, because some of the oil is absorbed during the massage, and the rest therapist will remove at the end of the course.

Benefits of eco-massage:

Stimulates the muscles and the entire body.

Keeps the flexibility of the joints.

Relieves fatigue.

Calms the nerves.

Improves blood circulation.

Makes the skin look better.

Cures insomnia

1 hr / 1 hr 30 min - 1285 uah / 1337 uah

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