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Massage with Warm Aroma Candles

Massage with Warm Aroma Candles

 Touch, sight, and sense of smell are involved in this real healing ritual. This polysensory massage is performed using candles. The combination of a warm massage, massage oil and a gentle touch of hands ensures efficiency, comfort and pleasure.

The effect of Back massage with candles is a tremendous, extraordinary relaxation. The muscle tissue is free from the shackles; there is a compelling release of endorphins, the harmony of happiness. It has a pronounced lymphatic drainage and anti-stress effect.

A wide range of indications:


   local fat deposits;

   sedentary lifestyle;

   forced posture for a long time;

   overstrain of muscles due to physical exertion;

   muscle blocks, as a result of unresolved psychological problems.

Features of massage with aromatic candles

   Massage candles consist of a mixture of natural vegetable oils (soy and beeswax, with the addition of oils, such as coconut oil, shea butter).

   The absence of products of oil refining.

   Waxes, which are part of the candles, have unique moisturising, healing and nutritional properties.

   During combustion, no soot is generated, no toxins are released.

Massage candle rich in valuable fatty acids and lecithin, a mixture of oils, absorbed in a heated form into the skin, immediately starts the processes of rejuvenation, restores cellular structures, soothes, softens and moisturises it. Rich with biologically active substances softened natural wax speeds up the healing of microtraumas, relieves inflammatory processes, has a general, restorative effect. Thanks to the excellent composition of the candle provide superior glide and maximum comfort with massage, reduces tension and stress.

Massage affects the body and soul, giving them comfort and strength, bringing energy from natural sources. Warm warmed oil, spreading through the body, will provide you with an unprecedented sense of relaxation.

Be ready to awaken all your five senses!

1 hr / 1 hr 30 min - 1689 uah /  1949 uah

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