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Relaxing Massage on Blueberry Gel

Relaxing Massage on Blueberry Gel

Are you tired of problems at work, and of monotonous everyday life or do you just want a full-fledged relaxation after active sports training? We will help you get a real heavenly delight in our Siam Thai Spa. Relaxing massage with a special gel based on blueberries will restore strength. The delicious aroma and medicinal properties of the cosmetic preparation will help to bring the skin and muscles in order. Discover the benefits of this procedure, as now professional Thai spa procedures have become available in Odessa.

For many years, blueberry has been actively used in cosmetology due to the significant content of vitamins, useful acids and other valuable elements. Such a tool is suitable for caring for the problem skin, nourishes and vitaminises it, and a pleasant sweet smell has a beneficial effect on the psychological state of a person, helping to restore harmony and balance. Also worth highlighting the useful properties of the gel for cleansing and moisturising by blueberries:

eliminates puffiness and fatigue of the feet;

helps with redness and acne;

improves blood circulation;

Smoothes fine wrinkles, reduces dryness, and also gives additional elasticity;

strengthens the vessels and exerts a tonic effect on them;

is an excellent antioxidant, which allows you to get rid of fat deposits.

In a complex with a professional, relaxing massage from Siam Thai Spa you will get quality care for your body and a full relaxation. Blueberries are rich in magnesium, vitamins of group B and C, retinol and tannins. Such a composition provides excellent care not only for young but also for ageing skin.

Relaxing massage with blueberry gel from Siam Thai Spa

Relaxing SPA massage helps to normalise the nervous system: you will forget about stress, fatigue, headache and problems with sleep. The skin will receive an excellent cleansing, it will be saturated with moisture, and will also become more tender and elastic. Besides, a relaxing massage helps to restore the muscles after heavy physical exertion. From our salon, you will leave a new person, full of harmony and beauty. Do not deny yourself this pleasure.

During the procedure, blueberry gel will be applied to your body with massage movements. For an hour, the specialist Siam Thai Spa gently affects problem areas and particular points. Aromatherapy in combination with the mechanical effect of aroma-massage allows you to restore balance of power and peace of mind. At the end of the procedure, the gel turns into nourishing milk, which forms a protective layer on the skin. Now the moisture will hold longer.

If the traditional massage involves a small pain during the session, the SPA procedure with blueberry gel allows you to relax completely. Light strokes and other tactile movements will give you real pleasure. The positive effect is noticeable immediately: the skin is tender and velvety, and the forces are completely restored.

Spa treatments for all ages

Siam Thai Spa offers to charge forces and energy to everyone who is tired of the bustle of a big city. Massage with gel based on blueberries is suitable for representatives of any age. Forget about work, household problems and other irritants. Immerse yourself in the magical world of sweet scents. Within an hour your activity will increase, the muscle tension will disappear, and the mood will rise noticeably. If you want to feel the healing power of a professional, relaxing massage, then sign up today!


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