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Balinese massage

Balinese massage



It is something average between classical and Thai technique: it includes work on a dry surface of the body, and then with the use of various oils. At first, there are soft receptions along the energy meridians, and only then more energetic and deep ones, work is carried out with the whole body, any actions are duplicated on the symmetrical side. Massage always begins with the extremities, goes to the body, and then comes back (this is explained by the laws of energy movement, as well as the principles of vascular activation), the Balinese massage is made with thumbs and palms and includes a huge variety of elements: stretching, patting, twisting “Butterfly”, pressure with palms and fingers, also applied "shock" technique.
Perfectly soothes damaged tissues and relieves muscle tension, helps reduce stress and balance your body, helps with migraines, muscle pain, sleep disorders, stress, anxiety or depression, is effective after injuries.
Cost of session:
1 hour 30 minutes - 1415 UAH

Thai Aroma Massage is an ancient art, performed using aroma oils in health-promoting way. During milleniums such procedures helped as charming women to keep their youth and beauty as mighty rulers to strengthen their powers. 


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