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Thai Massage with Bamboo Sticks

Thai Massage with Bamboo Sticks

Individual uniqueness of massage with bamboo sticks

As with the manual aroma massage, with a massage with bamboo sticks, the body is pre-treated with specific aromatic oils. Consequently, the closest, non-painful, contact of the rods with the surface of the client's body takes place. The unique technology of performing massage manipulation provides a positive effect on the cardiovascular system of a person.

Some prescriptions for the session:


   cellulite formations;

   physiological, intellectual overstrain;

   stressful state;

   unstable blood circulation;

   dysfunction of lymphatic systems.

Creole massage is another kind of massage practice. The effect that occurs at the physiological level is expressed in the expansion/contraction of the vascular system of the body.

A similar phenomenon occurs due to weak or strong impacts, the duration of contact of the bamboo cane, the intensity of the massage process. Creole massage activates dynamic properties of the body entirely enough, opening the way for their advancement: by using bamboo canes, the necessary biological points are activated throughout the human body.

Procedure of the session

First, the patient's skin is lubricated with a special oil. Next, the experienced master strenuously rubs the whole body with a bamboo cane, thereby affecting the primary muscle group. After this, the master produces light shocks with a bamboo stick at a tempo of no more than 120 beats per minute. The essential element at this stage is the pace. The push is made tangentially, which causes vibration due to the filling of the bamboo cane.

The final effect of massage

It is recommended to take a course of 10 sessions of bamboo massage to achieve the most favourable result. In most cases, the result does not take long to wait, and almost immediately the human body feels the stimulation of the lymphatic and circulatory systems, the chronic fatigue syndrome disappears, the muscle spasms caused by the prolonged stress state are eliminated.

The predisposition to depression sharply decreases, the function of sleep is restored, the strengthened work of the immune system of the organism is activated. It is a kind of anti-stress massage, whose popularity is also ensured by the active fight against cellulite formations and excess kilos.

The peculiarity of the massage procedure in the salon "Siam Thai Spa" in Odessa is calm background music, which serves as a rhythm for the actions of the master. Each technique is performed exceptionally carefully, which ensures the rapid achievement of the desired result. Our specialists are fully committed to their work, so we can confidently say that at least once registering with us for a massage with bamboo sticks, you will certainly come again for a new portion of relaxation and pacification!


1 hour – 1019 uah
1 hour and a half – 1285 uah

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