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Baby massage

Baby massage
Since ancient times, Thai women, taking care of their children, have made them a special massage according to old methods. That is why the little Thais are characterized by calm disposition and emotional balance. After a while, the ancient technique of Thai massage moved to us, and now highly skilled massage therapists can give your child a moment of joy.
Traditional Thai massage will lighten the mood of your child and fill it with strength and energy! Skillful hands of a massage therapist will carefully relieve tension from the muscles, increase the flexibility of the spine and joints, normalize blood circulation, and, in general, increase the physical condition of the child. Through this procedure, the child's body will come to complete mental and bodily harmony. You will see how your child has changed - completely calm and relaxed, with a joyful smile on his face - he will definitely want to return to the salon.
Classic massage for 1 hour - 752 UAH
Massage oil - 1 hour - 804 UAH

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