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Foot Massage

Foot Massage

Foot massage is considered the unique and impactful, as it has a healing effect on many systems of the human body due to the professional influence of the masseur on the reflex area located in the feet of each person. Systematic foot massage, conducted by qualified masters stabilises and activates life-supporting systems of the human body.

The feet of any person contain active nerve endings directly associated with specific human organs. Therefore, the earlier the foot massage begins, the more likely it is to exclude the formation of undesirable pathological abnormalities in the future.

Eastern practice

Today, Thai foot massage is gaining popularity. This technique is characterised by a slower rhythm, gentle movements of the master, while not losing a positive effect. Before-hand masseuse spends steaming legs, using individual baths with the addition of certain essential oils, as with aroma massage. Then an experienced specialist conducts a massage session, stretching the foot in the area of its deepening.

Features of Thai foot massage:

activation of reflex, bioactive areas of the foot

Massage is performed in a quiet, relaxed atmosphere

pressing is the key way to influence the foot.

Foot massage for children

A child who regularly undergoes this type of therapy usually has excellent circulation in the legs, and the locomotor apparatus works excellently.

Today children's flat feet is a typical case of manifestation, are quickly eliminated. In that case, the massage therapy session is conducted every day, mainly in a quiet atmosphere.

The baby is laying on the back. The massage therapist visually divides the foot of the client into three sections - the area of the fingers, the middle part, the heel. Using the thumb, the master starts kneading the foot, applying a circular motion. After this, the specialist gradually passes to the lateral area of the foot, slowly massaging it from the top down.

A child who is one year old or more can be applied the technique of vibration, puncturing, etc. For example, using light, accurate strokes on the feet, the work of the circulatory system of the organism is promoted, the heart rhythm improves.

The advantages of a Thai massage technique

Thai acupressure is often used to combat specific pathologies. Applying the thumb of the hand, the master skillfully influences the active parts of the foot. The foot is the centre of the nerve endings that connect the internal organs. Therefore, this technique is an excellent prevention and therapy of many diseases.

The pleasure received from the spent foot massage in the salon "Siam Thai Spa" cannot be compared to anything else. The chronic fatigue of the whole body disappears, the muscle tension is relieved, the condition of the foot is toned down. Our masters have mastered this technique in perfection, and therefore an excellent positive effect is guaranteed after the first session.

1 hr / 1 hr 30 min - 659 uah / 986 uah

Foot massage is considered as the most unique and efficient, because a lot of body systems are involved through special points on a foot. Systematic foot massage, that is hold by professionals, stabilizes and enables life-supporting systems of a human body.


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