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Thai Head Massage

Thai Head Massage

Skin scalp massage is an incredibly useful procedure, since it helps to normalise sweat and sebaceous glands, improves cerebral circulation, and is an excellent prevention of a migraine. Contraindication to it is only an oily type of hair, whose position is further aggravated by the activation of the massage function of the sebaceous gland.

Features of head massage

The procedure of head massage in the salon "Siam Thai Spa" in Odessa begins with a smooth, natural movement for the soft development of the skin. The moves of the master are predominantly stroking. As the massage progresses, the power increases - of course, within reasonable limits. The masseur performs all the actions based on the achievements of the practice of such a massage in Thailand, which is the key to obtaining the best effect from the procedure.

Point massage is most useful in case of headaches since it can have a positive effect on the client's well-being at the time of the procedure and for a long time after the end.

To date, medicine is well known for most biologically active points in the human body. Competently working in these areas, our specialists help to activate the necessary body systems that can eliminate the source of pain in the head and neck. However, this massage is not only therapeutic for the whole body - it also has a wonderfully relaxing effect.

The effect of head massage

Using the technique of spa-massage of the scalp helps to normalise the nerve endings located on the skin. As a consequence, the work of the central nervous system becomes more balanced. Influence on biologically active points of the organism, having a direct connection with specific organs, can normalise the full functional of the whole organism.

Head massage also has a positive effect and directly on the scalp. Skillful movements of the hands of masters contribute to increasing the flow of oxygen and nutrients to the hair follicles so that the hair grows stronger, more well-groomed and grow faster.

The high efficiency of head massage is proved in the following cases:

   the presence of abundant dandruff;

   dry scalp and hair;

   intensive hair loss due to exhaustion, illiterate diet (it excludes baldness).

Head massage is an excellent preventive practice from hair loss. General fatigue, chronic stress, insomnia, hypertensive diseases - all this is shows need for professional head massage. Improving the emotional and physical condition, a sense of energy and energy flow - all this awaits you at the Siam Thai Spa in Odessa. Treat yourself to the moments of relaxation and satisfaction in the skillful hands of our masters, and your youth and beauty will have no boundaries!

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