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Therapeutic hydromassage in the spa is an ideal solution for relaxation. This procedure will not only help to get distracted from problems but also contribute to the normalisation of your health. Hydromassage is widely known for its health effects on the body and mind. Jets of water with a strong or moderate pressure perfectly relieve fatigue and improve the elasticity of the skin.

Hydromassage with aroma oil + pearl bath

After hard working days, everyone dreams of rest. Relax is the primary desire of a person at the end of a gruelling week. Fatigue, pain all over the body, irritability, nerves - that's what worries us after hard physical or mental work. But there is salvation!

Improvement of your body


From a therapeutic hydro massage, a person receives not only a lot of pleasure but also a benefit. The master, who owns the specialised equipment, massages the entire body, especially the buttocks and abdomen. Then you will find a specially equipped bath with the addition of aroma oil. Water jets massage the whole body, the person relaxes and soon feels a surge of energy and strength. Underwater massage helps to normalise the balance of water and minerals in the body, the splitting of fat tissue, increase muscle tone, strengthen immunity. After the first procedure you can see the result: the swelling goes away, the skin gains softness, elasticity, smoothness and silky, the fatty deposits decrease. Every millimetre of your body feels blissful and healthy. Therapeutic massage gives everyone an incredible sensation and a great mood.

With the help of hydromassage, a person improves not only physically, but also mentally. To get the most pleasure, please contact Siam Thai Spa. We offer our clients a Thai healing system - you can feel calm and peaceful, which is so lacking in the hustle and bustle of everyday life. If you want to take care of yourself morally and physically, we will help you in this. Trained in a variety of massage techniques Thai massage therapists will do their best to make you feel like a fairy tale. Muffled light, relaxing music, flickering candles, tea ceremony, a fragrance of incense - that's what awaits you in our spa beauty salon. Spa massage will give you unforgettable sensations because it is:

fast way to lose weight;


normalisation of metabolism;


treatment of back pain and headache;


increased immunity;


improving the structure and colour of the skin;


prevention of stretch marks.


There are only a few contraindications. Nursing mothers can do almost all the procedures, but should for a while abandon the aroma-oil, slim massage and visiting the infrared cabin. People with varicose veins should avoid massage on their feet. We offer many options for caring for the body so that everyone can find something for themselves. All questions can be clarified with our consultants.

We are waiting for you for a massage


Beauty salon "Siam Thai Spa" will help you mentally visit Thailand, physically staying in Odessa. The cosy atmosphere of the East will bring every guest to this fabulous country. Our great masseuses have more than ten years of experience and certificates confirming their qualifications. They will give you an unforgettable experience, and you will spend time with the most efficiency. We use only natural cosmetics and oils. Our salon follows the centuries-old traditions of Thai massage!




 45 min - 570 uah

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