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Lomi - Lomi

Lomi - Lomi
The therapist uses a special technique of meditation in motion: WAVE Massage - the touch of a wave. The masseur makes extensive use of the palms and pillows of the fingers, but his main “tool” is the forearms, hands, elbows. All movements are slow, not pressing, performed using a large amount of oil and special rubbing movements. Lomi-Lomi relieves agitation and lethargy, improves memory and perception of emotions, improves blood circulation, normalizes blood pressure, relieves pain. Muscles relax, joints become more mobile. With deep muscle kneading, a local effect on the subcutaneous fatty tissue occurs, the metabolism is regulated. It is better to do the massage no more often than every other day, giving the muscles a rest. It is better to get wet oil on the body rather than flush
Cost of session:
1 hour 30 minutes - 1415 UAH

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