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Deep tissue massage

Deep tissue massage

  Designed to restore connective tissue. The purpose of the massage is to restore the normal length of the ligaments and tendons. When reducing the length of the ligaments always have problems with the muscles. During the massage, massaging of deep tissues, joints, ligaments and tendons is carried out. A deep tissue massage helps to eliminate muscle tension caused by improper posture, spinal pathology or nervous tension. The system of joints is also carefully worked out: passive movements are performed, stretching exercises that affect not only the joints, but also the ligaments, tendons and muscles. A nice bonus after several procedures will be smooth, soft and well-groomed skin, saturated with special vegetable oils (therefore, it is better to wet the remaining oil on the body rather than flush). Assumes a series of ten sessions.

Cost of session:
2 hours - 1740 UAH

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