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Hand massage

Hand massage
Massage of the hands gives energy, relieves pain in the joints, restores blood circulation. Tired hands literally come alive after acupressure. It is aimed at special sensitive energy points, the stimulation of which contributes to the alignment of the energy balance. The significant benefits of hand massage are especially noticeable to people whose profession is directly related to working with hands.
Cost of session:
30 minutes - 339 UAH
Technique massage hands can be varied and depend on the school master. Each of our specialists knows which sensitive points to press and with what intensity in order to get an excellent result. Massage of the hands and fingers can be not only an impact on the hands themselves, but also affect the condition of many internal organs. Eastern medicine believes that in the hands there are many energy exits from all organs of the human body. As on the feet, the correct effect on certain points causes positive reactions of the whole organism.
Surprisingly, hand massage can improve a person’s psychoemotional state. Even the most excitable people become much calmer and more balanced after completing the course of hand massages. Each such session will bring great pleasure and satisfaction.

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