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Sport Massage

Sport Massage

The essential component of a sports massage is the classical version of therapy, but with some differences in crucial tasks. So the purpose of this massage variation is to stimulate the functional abilities of the human muscle groups, make a body and injured parts of the body relaxed, the activation of working endurance, as well as get rid of pathological abnormalities in the musculoskeletal system, and their prevention.

Earlier this kind of massage was used exclusively in professional sports. However, the current expansion of fitness has contributed to the fact that interest in muscle massage grew.

Restoring the body after strenuous workouts

After individual physical, emotional, intellectual activities, there is often a need for a restorative massage. Also, the extreme efficiency of this type of therapy has been tested. As a result, the entire muscular functional of the human body is completely restored, its initial state and endurance are returned.

Among other things, sports massage is capable of:

  normalising the motor functions of the body;

  eliminating fatigue;

  creating the necessary physical form, capable of transferring forthcoming overloads.

About professional athletes, muscle massage is used after training sessions. The duration, activity and effort are determined during the course by individual characteristics of a person. Also, it takes into account the area in which the athlete develops, the degree of loads, his physical data, the uniqueness of muscle groups.

The duration of such massage is 45-60 minutes in total.

Strengthening the body

A well-written program of the athlete's preparatory processes also implies a restorative massage which is aimed at preventing and restoring the body area from the resulting trauma. This kind of physical impact on the client's body is an essential element of complicated measures to eliminate bruises and other ailments. Sports massage is almost indispensable in the case of rehabilitation measures to increase the working capacity of a person.

Sports Thai massage and its benefits

Spa massage is also actively used in sports. An emphasis is placed on large muscle groups, with an active and profound effect on ligament-fascial structures. The very process of a spa massage implies an average and high regime of power action.

The use of sports massage was not without the introduction of Oriental traditions into this practice, which turned out to be a reasonably successful decision. Sports Thai massage in the salon "Siam Thai Spa" in Odessa implies the use of specific warming oils in addition to a profound power effect. Muscle tension is removed efficiently, and muscles release toxic inclusions, and oxygen saturation of blood occurs.

During the session, all exposed areas of the body are carefully checked by a masseuse, which improves blood circulation and restore the original state of the body. We are ready to help you get back and strengthen the form - you just need to come to our salon!

Price:1 hr / 1 hr 30 min - 1019 uah / 1289 uah

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