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Stone Therapy

Stone Therapy

Stone therapy is the oldest method of healing the body with the help of the strength of stones. Native Americans, Vikings, ancient Greeks, Romans and Chinese monks have been using it. In an independent form of therapy, the American masseuse Mary Nelson-Hannigan formed this technique.

During the procedure, 54 stones (basalt) heated to 40-60 degrees Celsius, 18 cool white marbles and one room temperature stone are used. All of them are alternately put for 5-10 minutes on to different parts of the body. Alternation of hot and cold, as well as the correct arrangement of stones by the energy areas of the body relaxes and heals the body.

Hot basalt action

Basalt excellently relaxes muscles and stimulates metabolism. Thanks to this massage you get:

   improved blood circulation;

   the organs are saturated with oxygen;

   enhanced metabolism;

   actively burned fat deposits

   inflammatory processes in the joints are eliminated;

   peace of mind and a good mood

Action of cold marble

Its action is opposite to the hot basalt, as it narrows the vessels and capillaries, toning them and eliminating venous stagnation.

With the help of cold stones:

   increased muscle tone;

   the skin of the body is tightened;

   pains in the lower back, neck and other areas go away;

   increased stress resistance;

   increased energy

The process of stone therapy

Before the massage, specially selected stones are prepared for the procedure. They are heated to the desired temperature and then spread to the back and energy centres of the body. Particular attention is paid to the feet, then shins, hips, hands are involved. The stones gradually warm up the whole body, and the phase of complete relaxation comes. Then comes the turn of cold marble, which refreshes and fills the body with energy. Within 45-90 minutes there is an alternation of contrasting temperatures, which give an impressive sense of internal flight. After the procedure, you need to rest and drink a cup of green tea - this will fix the result.

For the procedure to effect, it must be adequately prepared. For this, a calm atmosphere is created in the massage room, filled with pleasant incense and music sounds. Before the massage the guest is rubbed with aromatic oils, stretching every muscle. Only after that stones can be used.

Stone therapy in the Siam Thai Spa

In our spa, you can trust your body to Thai experts who know all the secrets of the proper performance of stone therapy and other types of Thai massage.

We have convenient offices, aromatic oils and various accessories needed for complete relaxation. For therapy, only good stones are used, which absorbed the strength of the wind and the heat of the equatorial countries. Just call and sign up for the session, and we will do the rest.

1 hour and a half – 1349 uah
2 hours – 1689 uah

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