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Thai Face Massage

Thai Face Massage

One of the best preventive methods from skin ageing on the neck and face is a massage of these zones. This technique is considered to be an ideal supplement for the treatment of the sebaceous gland in case of high-fat content or dryness of the skin, it correctly removes the swelling of the facial area, restores muscle tone, disturbed due to jamming of nerve endings.

Among other things, therapeutic massage significantly improves the quality of the facial skin, restoration and maintenance of the turgor occur, natural beauty is acquired.

Basic principles of facial and neck massage

You should be very careful when massage of the face or neck is performed on you - it does not matter whether it is carried out by hands or using certain means. Unqualified care can cause unwanted consequences: stretching of the skin, deepening wrinkles, the roundness of the face can change, the high possibility of infection.

It is also necessary to correctly recognise the massage lines:

   From the centre of the chin go to the area under the ears;

   from the middle of the upper lip, also from the outer corners of the eyes to the central part of the ear;

   from the central point of the frontal region to the temporal lobes.

Massaging the facial part of the head implies the elaboration of the skin, muscular groups, localisation of nerve endings. The basic technique of the massage procedure is necessarily coordinated with the anatomy of the body's lymphatic system.

Relaxing head massage is carried out through a slight vibration or shock, the skin is more mashed, rubbed, stroked. When carrying out such manipulations, specialised cream or oils for massage are used

Massage therapy with cream

Such an overall goal has a significant increase in the quality of the skin of the face, preventing its quick withering, the elimination of excessive dryness, the fight against wrinkles, swelling.

Some indications for remedial massage:

   prevention of accelerated wilting of the skin of the neck and face;

   severe swelling of the skin, local swelling on the face;

   pinched facial nerves;

   damage to connective tissues, resulting in skin tightening.

Cervical massage

Before the massage, you need to calm down, normalise the respiratory rhythm, concentrate on the procedure. Massage manipulation of the cervical spine is carried out from the head to the shoulders, the methods of warming up the muscular groups of the cervical region are applied, as well as strokes.

Because of the increased sensitivity of this department, the power massage techniques are wholly excluded. In this case, the most effective is the treatment of acupressure.

Masters of the salon Siam Thai Spa in Odessa adjust everything to each client when performing a massage. The program of each session is individual in almost all parameters, as each person has his requests. Come to us and feel the incredible effect of the massage procedure!

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