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One of the most effective ways to treat osteochondrosis, arthrosis, calcaneal spur, headaches, consequences of injuries, neuralgia and many other ailments is shiatsu. Shiatsu is a therapy which implies technique of pressing the fingers on specific points of the body. The motherland of this method is Japan.

The main difference between shiatsu is the working out of the body by pressing. Pressing in the shiatsu is done powerfully using the largest area of the thumb. Pressing is performed perpendicular to the body without massaging movements. The same group of points is usually pressed repeatedly. Reiteration is performed until the "stiffness" of the tissues to which pressure is applied has changed. It is thanks to repeated pressing that many people call shiatsu a point massage.

Shiatsu acupressure appeared relatively recently - it was developed in the last century by Japanese doctor Tokuiro Namikoshi. The name "shiatsu" comes from two words: "shi" - finger and "atsu" - pressure. With this massage technique, pads of fingers and hands are applied to the biologically active zones and points of the human body, to normalise the functions of the body. His technique, Dr Namikoshi created, based on the fact that the human body is capable of regeneration. Human instinct urges us to press on the part of the body that disturbs us, stroke it - this stimulation activates the defences of the body. After carefully studying and systematising such instinctual impulses, Dr Namikoshi developed his method.

Finger pressure on the muscle makes it possible to accelerate the removal of excess lactic acid accumulated in it. It eliminates fatigue, restores the correct process of muscle contraction, reduces pain. Shiatsu massage promotes the health of the body, triggers its protective forces. Rhythmic pressure on specific points allows you to correct some disorders in the body. This technique stimulates blood circulation, activates the work of the brain. Shiatsu is effective in fighting colds and diseases of the gastrointestinal tract. Nervous overexertion, insomnia, headaches and back pain, malaise in menstruation and the symptoms of menopause - all these problems are successfully solved with the help of several sessions of shiatsu massage.

But the main goal of this method is the prevention of diseases. Shiatsu is the most effective, as a system of healing, which will allow you to maintain your body for many years in a ton, avoiding diseases and fatigue! And if taking care of your health is the priority for you, having tried the technique of Shiatsu, and become her faithful admirer, again and again returning to massage sessions at the "Siam Thai Spa" salon!

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