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Traditional Thai Massage

Traditional Thai Massage

The traditional Thai massage is a complex system of massages which goes back to ancient history. Moreover, the development of this kind of medical procedures was influenced by Indian, Chinese and East Asian traditional medicine


1 hr / 1 hr 30 min / 2  hr - 969 uah / 1179 uah / 1419 uah

Masseuses of the Thai school of massage

Masseuses rely on intense physical strength to make a therapeutic massage for the whole body. Also, traditional methods of the Thai massage does not require the use of essential oil or other additional cosmetics.

The healing massage of Thailand is an excellent way of energising and rejuvenating the human body, providing improved muscle flexibility. Clients feel an excellent state of relaxation after the procedure. The primary goals of the Thai massage are to establish a balance in internal forces, restore the body’s central and peripheral nervous system and prevent internal stress afterwards.


Heart pathologies

Increased body temperature


varicose or dermatological pathologies

the presence of old fractures

Weak joints


Muscle defects

complications of chronic ailments

How the massage is done

The massage is performed on a hard mattress. The client dresses up in loose clothing which allows the masseuse to move hands along the client's body with ease. Classical Thai massages do not require the use of any creams, oils, lotions, etc.  during the aroma-massage.

The results of the massage

The effect of the Thai massage is preventing the stretched skin due to ordinary methods. The stabilisation of muscular corset, muscle relief, pain syndrome and chronic fatigue disappears are positive results of the procedure.

Our masseurs make an effort to convey the exclusivity of Thai massage traditions to each client. You cannot let yourself miss the opportunity of experiencing this!


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