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Thai Herbal Massage

Thai Herbal Massage

Spa treatments have always meant rejuvenation and recovery with the help of physiotherapy and the use of forces and gifts of nature. In the east, none of the healing techniques that have survived to this day exist without a philosophical, religious or Vedic basis.

Features of massage with herbal pouches

Thai face massage herbs are one of the most organic procedures. This therapy gives a profound therapeutic effect. Treatment is simple; the preparations are entirely natural and most importantly freshly prepared. But it can not be done at home because it is the delicate execution of all actions by the master that guarantees quality and protection from side effects.

What happens during the session that gives a client a feeling of pleasant relaxation:

   blood circulation is restored due to a thermal contrast between different parts of the skin;

   Cells are awakened and stimulate the dermis for cleansing

   small bags are pushed on small muscles of the face not injuring them at all

   heat relaxes the skin and smoothes the wrinkles which are caused by emotional stress

   vitamins from herbs unimpededly enter the dermis through open pores;

   the surface gets more oxygen;

   extracts from freshly prepared herbs are wholly absorbed by the skin, without causing rejection or allergies;

   At the same time, the plant tissue acts as an adsorbent, which takes away dirt and dead cells;

   moisture penetrates deeply into dry areas of the skin, protecting them from wrinkles for a long time.

Such facial compresses harmoniously combine the effects from all stages of face care: cleansing, peeling, massage, moisturising or nourishing. It means that they can be used in conjunction with other rejuvenation procedures, strengthening them, for example, in a lifting program or with a head massage.

Facial massage with herbs in Odessa

This kind of massage in Thailand is widespread, but you will not find it very often with us because an excellent master of this massage is a rare luxury. If you are one of those people who has not tried this kind of massage, then you are depriving yourself of the opportunity to receive very delicate and pleasant sensations together with the undeniable benefits.

Try it yourself or surprise your loved one with our gift certificate for any of the procedures to expand your understanding of pleasure, and a person will always be grateful to you. We guarantee the quality of our services. All our masters had received certificates of the Ministry of Health of Thailand and practised from 6 to 20 years in different countries. And the interior is designed to maximise the rapid relaxation, even if you are very tense, upset or weakened. Therefore, you could get the maximum benefit from immersion in the culture of the East, and that compliance with the strict rules of Thai ethics to get only a pleasant impression.

30 min - 674 uah
1 hour - 858 uah

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