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Foot Spa

Foot Spa

Have you ever noticed that walking barefoot on grass or sand improves your health? Such a desire has everyone, and sometimes we want to massage our legs at least. Why? All acupuncture points are located on the feet, which are responsible for body processes: activating them, our body tends to self-regulation and recuperation. In the days of continuous employment and residence in large metropolitan areas most people not only do not have the time or the place to do it, but stress and tension builds up to such an amount that the one walking on pebbles is already becoming insufficient.



It features a spa for feet

In the east people believe, that the human body consists not only from his physical incarnation of body and thoughts, emotions and spirit are intrinsically coupled. The body is permeated with an energy that flows through the channels and, it goes into the ground through the feet. The effect of the procedures is always stronger than that of a regular massage. Such a deep approach has our Thai foot massage. During the session an awakening of internal forces of the body are taking place, metabolism accelerates, pathological processes which can develop  in the future into a serious and sometimes incurable illnesses, are extinguished.
This way, right foot-spa, as well as the classic Thai massage becomes a prevention for health, beauty and youth. The way we do it, this procedure brings great pleasure. Foot Spa increases the efficiency fitness programs.

Exfoliation cleans the surface of dead skin particles, that mostly are situated on feetand even regular home care does not provide our skin on the feet smoothness and the ability to breathe.It prepares the skin for massage, preventing the appearance of cracks or other unpleasant sensations.

After peeling massage becomes more effective, as open access to acupuncture. Improved sensitivity and different sensations at different points during the massage are  better than any diagnostic equipment. Theesepionts tell us about the places of localization of your internal diseases. If the master is knowledgeable in the treatment of these feelings,who are working with us. In addition to a pleasant relaxing effect, you will still get a conditional preliminary examination of the body. After the massage, when the pores are opened muscles are relaxed blood circulation is improved, it's time to use Thai cosmetics based on nature's gifts. So it can be achieved most deep penetration and absorption useful substances. 

Foot Spa in Odessa

Foot spa has practically no contraindications and age restrictions that's why it is the most popular among our customers. It can be easily combined with other treatments, and high saturation therapeutic essential oils for peeling, massage oils and creams make it like an aromatherapy, which certainly would have a beneficial effect not only on the body, but also on your mood. In Siam Thai Spa you will get not only physical pleasure, as well as emotional. That's why such a service can become a great gift if you organize it for their loved ones in Odessa using a gift certificate. As you try out one time a foot spa, you will discover new, more effective.

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